This FAQ page answers some of the more commonly asked questions from the Mars Ecosystem community.

How can I buy XMS?

You can Trade XMS on our website: 📍https://app.marsecosystem.com/swap

Read our How to Buy XMS Guide if you'd like a hand getting started with trading.

How can I stake XMS?

You can stake your XMS at 📍 https://app.marsecosystem.com/pools

Read our How to Stake Guide if you'd like a hand getting started with staking.

Can I earn through staking?

Users who hold XMS now can go to MarsSwap Pools to stake their XMS to earn with a high APR. The XMS rewards earned by users in Farms & Pools will be released linearly within 6 months (released every 3 days after the user Harvest).

Is Mars Ecosystem safe?

👀 See for yourself:

Audit: Our smart contracts are audited by the best security auditors in the world: Certik and SlowMist.

Check the audit reports below:

Mars Ecosystem Certik Audit Report

Mars Ecosystem Slowmist Audit Report

Bug bounty: We will cooperate with the best bug bounty agencies in the world and we will not begrudge the bounty. We welcome experienced volunteers in all fields to join us and maintain community safety together! Anyone interested can contact us through email: marketing@marsecosystem.com

Transparent: We’re built on open-source software: our site and all our Smart Contracts are publicly visible for maximum transparency.

How can I join the Mars community?

You can join us on many channels!Currently, we are on Twitter, Telegram, Discord and Medium. Official links are as follows:

🌎 Website: https://marsecosystem.com

🐦 Twitter:https://twitter.com/MarsEcosystem

🌈 instagram:https://www.instagram.com/marsecosystemofficial/

🌎Global English Telegram: https://t.me/mars_ecosystem

🇨🇳Chinese Telegram: https://t.me/Marsecosystem_chinese

🇮🇩Indonesian Telegram: https://t.me/marsecosystem_IDSA

🇻🇳Vietnamese Telegram: https://t.me/marsecosystem_vietnam

🇹🇷Turkish Telegram:https://t.me/marsecosystemturkey

🇪🇸Spanish Telegram: https://t.me/marsecosystem_ES

🇷🇺Russian Telegram: https://t.me/marsecosystem_cis

🇵🇹🇧🇷Portuguese Telegram: https://t.me/marsecosystem_Pt

🇫🇷French Telegram: https://t.me/marsecosystem_french

🇹🇭Thailand Telegram: https://t.me/marsecosystem_thailand

📺Youtube: youtube.com/channel/UCUY30mQ_HRXDK80EoO5q_5Q

🤖 Discord: https://discord.gg/wybD8K27eZ

📙 Medium: https://mars-ecosystem.medium.com/

Please join these groups and remember: Only trust information from these sources!

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