Mars NFT

2021 – the year Mars Ecosystem will officially launch the Mars Genesis project. Selected users can become a member of the Space Rider's and establish an autonomous community via the MarsDAO. Their purpose is to assist the survival mission of mankind, create a highly autonomous Mars community, and establish and continue improvement & development of the interstellar financial system.

Mars Ecosystem will select a certain number of users from those who have contributed to the community and airdrop the Boarding Pass NFT and the Captain NFT – official evidence of being on our first rocket. Those who get it will join the Mars Ecosystem on Genesis Spacecraft One and partake in the creation of the initial MarsDao community.

Dr. Marvin, is the first inhabitant on Mars and one the first ambassadors of Mars Ecosystem. He has the following mission:

In the future, Mars Ecosystem will also empower different levels of NFT, so stay tuned.

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