Exploration & Unknown

Human beings have looked up to the stars from the beginning of time. Today, exploring Mars is not only achievable – it's something people are excitedly anticipating. Exploration of space has always been a central aspiration of humanity across the globe. Astrophysicist Guillem Anglada Escudé is leading a project to build and maintain a city on Mars. This project, called "Nuwa", aims to create a viable, livable, and self-sufficient Martian city within a few decades. At this point, we can't help but ask ourselves: If civilization is to be built on Mars in the coming decades, how can we build a new economy on Mars? 🛸

Organization & Outlook

Astrophysicist Guillem Anglada Escudé once said “Space inspires mankind, promotes the integration of various disciplines, and promotes the reflection of the whole society on the earth.”The vision of going to Mars does not mean abandoning earth, but expanding our journey to include both planets. The exploration of the red planet may even help us better solve the earth's energy crisis and protect life here.

"We may carry out extra-terrestrial mining and even introduce the development of a multi-planet economy. " - ESA.

Logically, no company will carry gold coins or paper money to Mars, because this will greatly increase the extra weight of neccasary material delivered. In turn, this is a very inefficient way of transferring currency value.

Cryptocurrency will therefore become the best choice for interstellar exploration. Before humans set foot on Mars, begin to mine energy, and establish civilization, it may be possible to issue a currency that can be easily traded on Mars or even across planets.

It is with this vision that MarsDAO was born.

As Stephen Hawking said: 'If mankind is to continue for another million years, we will have to boldly go to an unprecedented level. '

It's time.


We are a group of blockchain enthusiasts and science fiction fans at the same time. We are deeply inspired by technology, by the speed of blockchain technology, and by the development of smart contracts on top and alongside some of these existing protocols (layer-2 solutions.)

We also love the physical side of development in the area – we love SpaceX 🚀 , Virgin Galactic, and other private projects competing to be the best, the first, the fastest, and most importantly the most secure. We consider ourselves as part of their mission – integral to all, not a competitor.

We can’t help but explore whether there is a stablecoin that can be named after Mars, one that can be used as a medium of exchange after humans land on Mars and start creating a diverse ecosystem. USDm is a securely backed stablecoin that perhaps will become the choice of those who begin early colonization – if not chosen by the majority, it doesn't mean it won't be used at all.

We don’t know when humans will land on Mars or when they will be able to build the first city that is truly inhabitable. With current projections, this will happen within a few decades. At least, we hope to see all this happen in our lifetimes. We also hope that we can embark on an interstellar journey to Mars by ourselves – but we also have to be realistic, accepting that maybe what we are building may be for generations beyond our own.

We created MarsDAO with the hope to make USDm more stable, and in turn, make the MarsDAO stronger. We also hope that more people will join our community in the future to govern it together. Humanity has seen many issues over the past decades, but if anything is certain it's that together we are stronger – we hope that you will join us on this mission.

We may be only a few decades away from the next exploration into space, and in doing so we may explore depths of humanity previously unknown. The places we are yet to discover and soon to explore will shape us in ways we cannot yet comprehend. What requires disruption is the current financial system – it simply is not feasible. Be there on the front lines with us creating a sustainable ecosystem for the future beyond Earth! 🔊

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