What is Mars Ecosystem’s roadmap?

💫In January:

  1. The innovative yield Aggregator will be launched.

  2. The 2nd IHO will be held on Mars.

  3. Integrate USDm with more BSC projects to expand its use cases and supply. The supply of USDm is 30 million currently.

  4. Use Mars Treasury Controlled Assets (30 million BUSD and is still growing) to help BSC projects to grow.

💫In February:

  1. Expect to launch Mars StableSwap.

  2. Development of partnerships with BSC projects to provide all of our products to them. We have been developing partnerships like Alpaca, Helmet, ForTube, Moonlight, Berry Data, SynFuture, Pledge Finance, Monsta Infinite, Celestial, TopGoal, Parking etc.

  3. Attract high-quality projects to do IHO in Mars Ecosystem. So more XMS will be burnt.

  4. Establish communities in more nations such as Germany, Japan, Korea.

💫In March.

  1. Mars tokens and yield Aggregator will become cross-chain.

  2. Bringing DeFi 2.0 products.

a)Integrate more projects, which significantly improves the capital efficiency of traditional liquidity mining programs.

b)Development of Bonds and TaasS(Treasury as a Service), which helps partners control their liquidity for their tokens.

A promising quarter with countless amazing features is ahead. Keep supporting Mars Ecosystem. Please stay tuned for more details. The best is yet to come!

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