Captain Program

Introducing the New Captain Program!

An opportunity for talented and motivated individuals in the community to Earn some XMS, and gain transferable skills from mentoring and coaching sessions with Defi enthusiasts, as well as regular AMAs with the Mars Ecosystem team.

Participants will be given a list of open bounties and allocated rewards for successful completion. There is no obligation to complete any bounties. However, if you want to collaborate with others or contribute to the program in other ways, please feel free.

Participants can maximise their earnings by:

  • Submitting High-quality content or promotion of said content

  • Referring others

  • Contributing to the program long term

  • Engaging with Captain-only events and HOT bounties

  • Using their status as a VIP or Influencer to contribute to the ecosystem or program

  • Progressing through the ranks, and competing to earn our rare NFTs

We look forward to seeing you, and we hope you can both learn and earn in this Program!

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