How to participate in a Genesis event

1.Enter the app

2.Click ‘Genesis Event’, input the amount of BUSD you want to commit in the column above. The system will calculate the amount of XMS you need to stake automatically. in the first genesis event, the ratio of BUSD to XMS is 1:2‘

Click ‘ Approve BUSD’

Click again ‘Approve XMS’

Finally, after clicking ‘Commit to mint USDm’, you can see the status of your participation in the Genesis event in ‘Your BUSD Committed’ and ‘Your XMS Staked’

3. At the end of the campaign, the interface will start a countdown and the end of this countdown will mark the start of the next campaign. Users can access the 'Genesis claim' interface to withdraw their USDm and remaining BUSD.

During this time the users will be able to claim their USDm and any excess BUSD

4. In the ‘Claim Genesis Event 1 Tokens’ interface, you will see the USDm that have been successfully minted and the remaining BUSD. Click on ‘Claim’ to withdraw your USDm and BUSD. XMS will not be able to withdraw until 7 days later.

5. To view information about USDm, please click on the ‘Info’ interface

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